Thursday, December 13, 2018

Arabs were spoiled in superstitions before the Advent of Islam

After Jesu (PBUH) people of Arab again came into Satan words and had started wrong-doings. They had crossed all the limits and there was the rule of might is right. Poor people, women, girls, kids, passengers, animals, and birds all kinds of species were deprived of their rights. Nothing had the liberty to work the own way. It seemed that the civilization had started to crumble under the bad evils.
It is the rule of God, as ignorance crosses its limits meanwhile He (SWT) sends the Messenger who rescues the multitudes from evils. Similarly, this flow has been ended at the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) because of sending for the whole mankind. But before him, each Messenger was sent by Allah (SWT) for a specific time as well as the nation.
In this way, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) rescued the man from the verge of chaos. He (SAW) removed the wrong ideas among the people such as buried the girls alive to the sake of honour, deprivation of property to an heir, naked Tawaf around the Kaaba, idol worshipping, ate the unhygienic food, blind believed in astrology, magical activities and many more.
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reformed the real philosophy of doing in religion perspective as well as other domains of every walk of life.
And at the end, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) left some of the non-mandatory supplications meanwhile for the salvation of coming nation in the form of Umrah and additional prayers particularly Salat Al-Tasbih. So, all such Ibadah rapidly remove the sins of man.
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